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Do you have foot or functional posture complaints?

You have already tried various insoles? Without improvement?

We offer a therapeutic insole that solve your problems!


Therapeutische Einlegesohlen Philip Hanske in München

Dear Customer,

As a specialist in the production of orthopaedic insoles all manufacture takes place on site at our shop in the heart of Munich located in the Glockenbachviertel between Viktualienmarkt and Gärtnerplatz.


We focus on manufacturing orthopaedic insoles based on a technique developed and successfully used in the Netherlands for many years. The insoles are individually handcrafted for you using several layers of high quality materials. Without using any prefabricated components or moulds, this special technique allows us to ultra thin insoles (2mm) which will fit in almost any shoe.


The therapeutic orthopaedic insole will positively and effectively change the foot’s biomechanics by activating the muscles. This will not only have a therapeutic effect on your foot problems, but will also address knee pain, hip problems or back tension. We treat the following conditions: Flat feet/fallen arches, arch pain, over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, bunions (hallux valgus), heel pain/spurs, shin pain/shin splints, knee pain, aching feet and legs, ball of foot pain (metatarsalgia), pressure points, hip pain, posture problems and many more.


A thorough biomechanical examination is carried out to assess where and for what reason the body is not aligned properly. This includes motion analysis, muscle strength testing and gait analysis. We also look at the positioning of the knee, hip and back and assess joint and muscle function.

A static pressure measurement evaluates where the foot is put under pressure and determines were the body’s centre of gravity is affected. A dynamic pressure measurement looks at your gait and assesses any functional blockages.


The aim of the therapeutic treatment through our insoles is to relieve joints, to facilitate movement and thus allow a pain-free standing or walking in the long term. After about 6 months of wearing your insoles the first measurable changes can be seen in the foot and gait.

We look forward to you visiting us in Rumfordstrasse, Munich for a personal consultation!

Yours faithfully,

Philip Hanske

Our Service

  • Active / sensomotoric therapeutic insoles
  • Proprioceptive insoles for children
  • Orthopaedic insoles for day wear and sports
  • Gait and posture analysis
  • Foot pressure and force distribution analysis
  • Individual shoe fittings
  • Free consultation on foot and shoes


To allow a detailed, individual analysis, please call to make an appointment.
Please allow for an appointment of at least 30 minutes for an accurate analysis.


Philip Hanske

Rumfordstr. 12
80469 Munich

Tel.: +49 (89) 45 47 33 90
Fax: +49 (89) 45 47 33 91

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 9:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 18:00
and by appointment


We are located in the city centre of Munich and easily reached by public transport. The tram lines 16 & 17 stop at "Reichenbachplatz”, directly in front of our shop; and it’s a short walk from the U- and S-Bahn stops at Isartor and Marienplatz or the bus stop at Gärtnerplatz.

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